Around The Yard: Galen Lee

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Galen Lee
Men's Tennis
November 7, 2018

Hi, my name is Galen Lee, and I am junior on the men’s varsity tennis team concentrating in computer science. Over the past summer, I had the opportunity for an internship at Whoop Inc. as a software engineer. A Whoop band is basically a FitBit (but better) tailored for professional and collegiate athletes. It tracks your activities throughout the day as well as your sleep and coaches you on how to take care of your body so you’re not over or under-training. I was lucky enough to have the tennis team provide us with Whoops our freshman since I immediately fell in love with their product. When I was searching for internships for last summer, my coaches, Dave Fish and Andrew Rueb, reached out to Whoop’s CEO, Will Ahmed, who himself graduated from Harvard back in 2012 as captain of the varsity squash team. From there, I was fortunate enough to land an internship there as part of the software team.

During my time at Whoop, I worked on a variety of software tasks ranging from infrastructure to web dev. Some examples include allowing and creating promotion codes for customers, allowing customers to use Apple Pay to checkout, and updating their live backend with updates. I really loved the culture of the company since Whoop is very fitness-oriented. Everybody at the company was very motivated and all believed in the product, and many of my coworkers were very notable individuals (one being an Olympic gold-medalist swimmer). Working at a tech company (or any company in general) for only 3 months sometimes is not very fulfilling because it can be difficult to understand the company’s motives and direction in such a short amount of time. It’s easy to become a “cog in the wheel” during an internship and then leave without really learning a lot of the non-role specific parts of a company. I was lucky to have an incredible mentor who helped me see past the code I was writing and more into the goal of the company in a broader view. This was a huge part of my experience during my internship since I was able to not only develop my technical skills as a software engineer and computer scientist, but also learn a lot about what it takes to start and grow a startup in the tech field. Both the technical and non-technical skills are something that I’m taking with me and using to further myself in my professional life as well as become a better leader for the Harvard Men’s tennis team. A huge thanks to Whoop for an awesome summer and to my coaches for helping me land the internship!