Around The Yard: Chelsea Ziadie

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Chelsea Ziadie
January, 24, 2018

As my senior spring semester starts, I find myself reflecting on all of my experiences at Harvard over the years. While many of my greatest memories were made on the ice with my teammates, many more were made away from the ice, gym, and locker room. 

As a member of the women’s ice hockey team, we were fortunate enough to return to campus in late December and spend all of January on campus practicing, training, and playing without the added stress of classes, homework, or other activities. J-Term, as we call it, is by far my favourite time to be on campus. Over the past few weeks, my teammates and I have hosted far too many movie nights. We’ve explored Boston, eaten at just about every restaurant in Harvard Square, played Mario Kart until the early hours of the morning and most importantly, bonded as a team. Throughout the month of January, we were able to experience being an athlete without having to also be a student, and that experience was truly remarkable. J-Term is a testament to how committed we as student-athletes are to our sport, and it also reminded me of why we continue to play and dedicate our time and energy while other students are on vacation instead – for the love of the game. 

Further, as I think about my final semester here at Harvard, there are a number of activities that I am looking forward to. While some are Harvard Hockey end-of-year traditions, others are Harvard-wide traditions, and I hope to take advantage of the little time I have left to make the most of my bucket list.  I am most looking forward to taking four electives this semester. Given that I have completed my Sociology and Economic requirements, I am able to take the classes that I am most interested in. One of those classes is about Music, a discipline that I have not revisited since I played the flute in first grade. Another is about Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration, which are all topics that have been consistently placed at the forefront of the American consciousness in the past few years. Although my Harvard chapter is soon coming to a close, I am confident that the time management and discipline skills that I have applied throughout my entire varsity career will prepare me for my future profession. The character and work ethic that I have developed as a student-athlete at Harvard will allow me to be successful in the face of the rigors and challenges of my future endeavours, and for that I will forever be grateful.