Around The Yard: Chelsea Ziadie

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Chelsea Ziadie
Nov. 15, 2016

Sometimes, as student-athletes, we find ourselves at odds with our athletic demands and our academic requirements and interests. At the same time, though, we’ve been balancing our athletics and academics for as long as we can remember – diligence, time management, and effort have been integral to our success in the classroom and on the ice.

After our home opener this weekend, we held a faculty reception for our professors, teaching assistants, proctors, tutors and deans in the Boynton Lounge. All of our parents, teammates, and coaches were able to meet the respective faculty members that each of us had invited – it was a privilege to be in such a supportive environment. For most faculty, it was their first Women’s Ice Hockey game. For others, it was their first Harvard athletics game altogether. What I came to understand after speaking with one of my professors was that the divide between athletics and academics is often too pronounced, but the reception showed all of us that it doesn’t have to be – the two go hand-in-hand at Harvard. The knowledge that I acquire, through the academic integration and competitive excellence in Division I athletics that Harvard promotes, transcends from one side of the river to the other, and back again. Together my academic and athletic trials and triumphs are shaping who I am and who I will become once I graduate.

While I cannot speak for all Harvard student-athletes, as a member of the women’s ice hockey team, I’d like to say Thank You: 

To the Harvard faculty that attended our Women’s Ice Hockey reception, and to those who enrich our academic lives every day and provide the basis of our Harvard education. 

Thank you for extending your office hours to accommodate our practice schedules. Thank you for allowing us to leave your lectures 15 minutes early so that we can be on time for our lifts. Thank you for wishing us good luck when we leave halfway through the school week for our away trips. Thank you for being understanding, accessible, and most importantly supportive of our athletic endeavors. Without your support, I would not be able to compete, excel, or achieve my athletic goals to the extent that you have allowed me to, and the same is true for many other student-athletes.