Around The Yard: Molly Tissenbaum

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Molly Tissenbaum
February 26, 2016

I was recently asked a question that I've never been asked in my 3+ years at Harvard. "Why Harvard?" Seems like it would have an obvious answer because anyone who has seen it, heard of it, or had the chance to experience it, knows that the place sells itself. But in thinking about the question, I came to realize that what really makes this place special is the people.

It's the world class professors who are insanely passionate about their subject. It's the way they generate interest in topics that initially seem wildly uninteresting. It's the professors and the TF's who challenge me to get outside my comfort zone and think critically about the world I live in.

It's the coaches who spend countless hours pushing us to be the best we can be both individually and collectively. It's the extra time they put in to help us get better both as athletes and as people.

But most importantly, it's the friends we surround ourselves with. It's the girls who I am lucky enough to call my teammates. It's the way that the personalities come together to make up our team. It's the rituals and traditions and pride we feel as a unit that individually wouldn't be special. It's the friends I've made in the most unlikely places, who have turned out to have the biggest impact on my life. It's finding how much you have in common with people who you never would have expected to share a meal with, let alone live with, and become best friends with.

So why Harvard? The answer is the people. It's the people, and the traditions, and the home we've created here.