Around The Yard: Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu

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Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu
September 8, 2015

This past week was the first week of school, which for students is shopping week. During this week you get to see some students absolutely pack their schedules full with as many classes as one can possibly fit in a week, and usually those people appear to be perpetually stressed out. On the other side of the spectrum, you also see, or in this case never see, people who already know exactly what classes they will be taking this semester. The reason you never see them is because they usually go to sleep late, wake up late, and spend as little time as possible around classrooms in order to delay the school year starting and prolong summer for just one more week. I would say that I fall into some resemblance of a person in the second category.

I am an economics concentrator, and because I didn’t decide to concentrate in economics until my sophomore year I am a little behind in my required classes. Therefore, the majority of my classes this semester and this year as a whole are basically predetermined for me already. This semester I am taking two economics related courses; I am continuing my study of Yoruba, which is an African language I have taken for four semesters already; and last, I had to find a fourth class, which was the only class I really had freedom to explore. I shopped 1 class at 10 in the morning the first day of shopping week and decided that was the one for me. Thus, at 11 am last Wednesday, my classes were chosen and I was ready to begin school.

However, because there was still a week before real classes and real work started, I decided to use that excess time to enjoy my last week of summer. Did I go to bed late and wake up late? No, because I still had soccer every day. But, I was still able to enjoy my last days with some fun activities regardless. I accompanied my sister and my two nephews to the Boston Children’s museum in the city. I went to the freshmen A Cappella Jam, which yes, is usually for freshmen to get exposed to many of the a cappella groups here on campus, but nobody ever said a junior couldn’t go. Then a couple days later I actually decided to try out for one of the groups that performed, the Harvard Key Changes.

Music is a huge part of my everyday life here on campus. Chances are if you see me walking around I have my earphones in singing and dancing through the yard or really on any street in Harvard Square. When I get free time, I am constantly searching for new music to add to my iPod, or reaching out to people trying to see what music they listen to and see if I would like it as well. I love R&B and Hip-Hop music the most, and that’s exactly the type of music the Key Changes sing so I really had a lot of fun auditioning for them and being around other people who share similar music tastes and actually know the artists that I listen to.

The first week I was on campus this year for preseason, it occurred to me that I have been here for two years, and although I am from Massachusetts and went to high school about 20 minutes away, there are still so many things not only in Harvard Square but also in Boston that I have not yet experienced. Therefore this year I have set out with a goal to experience more things outside of the so called Harvard bubble. Hopefully this semester I will be able to partake in some of the things I have already set my sights on, including going to see some concerts in Boston; getting out to try some new restaurants down on Mass. Ave.; and going to see and support my friends who participate in other sports compete. The last of which I am going to go do now and watch Harvard field hockey take on Bryant University!

Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu