Jantzen Featured in Q&A With WIN Magazine

Jantzen talked with WIN Magazine’s Mike Finn about the challenges he has faced throughout his collegiate career and the help he has received from his older brother, Jesse (Gil Talbot).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Senior co-captain Corey Jantzen was recently featured by WIN Magazine’s Mike Finn in a special Q&A session posted on the magazine’s Website. Topics included Jantzen’s battle with injuries, his return to the Crimson lineup, and the influence his older brother Jesse Jantzen ’04, the 2004 NCAA Champion at 149 lbs., has had on his collegiate career.

WIN: You mentioned your brother Jesse. Are the two of you very close? Has he helped you during this process?

JANTZEN: Absolutely. I am in contact with him every single day. My family is extremely tight. Originally when I got hurt, I’d start feeling bad for myself and he’d bring me back and helped me realize that my leg wasn’t that bad. I’m still going to Harvard. I am healthy. My family loves me. He taught me to look at the bright spots in my life.

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