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Radcliffe Lightweight Crew Dedicates Racing Shell

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—The Radcliffe lightweight crew named a racing shell "Noreen '81" in honor of Noreen Verbrugge Hughes '81 in a ceremony Saturday at Weld Boathouse.

Verbrugge Hughes donated a new four to the Black and White lightweight program. She previously donated an eight, named for her father, Jim Hughes, in 2007. That boat has carried the team's top eight in competition since.

"We are very grateful to Noreen and feel very fortunate for her support of Radcliffe," head coach Michiel Bartman said. "We are looking forward to a great season and racing in our new boat."

Among those in attendance for the dedication were Noreen Verbrugge Hughes, father Jim Hughes and daughter Katrina Verbrugge, a Harvard junior. They are pictured at right, along with coxswain Maryana Vrubel, Elizabeth Hamilton, Devi Lockwood Adelaide Backer and Katherine Mallet, and who took the new boat for its maiden voyage.