Radcliffe Lightweight Second Varsity Tops Princeton, Varsity Places Second

The Radcliffe second varsity eight knocked off Princeton in rainy conditions Saturday.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—The Radcliffe lightweight second varsity eight defeated Princeton as the rival teams split two races Saturday morning on the Charles River.

The top-ranked Tigers (7-0) downed the No. 4 Black and White varsity eight (5-2). No. 6 Bucknell (1-3) placed third in each race.

As the weather continued to worsen throughout the morning the second varsity eight had the difficult task of competing in the last race of the day. Through choppy water and gusty winds, the Black and White excelled throughout the race, pulling away for a 12.7-second victory over the Tigers, crossing the finish line with a time of 7:01.00.

The Radcliffe varsity did not have the same success. Racing one race prior to the second varsity, the Black and White remained competitive throughout the 2,000 meters but would fall short as Princeton notched a victory with a time of 6:42.6, ahead of Radcliffe's 6:49.7. Bucknell rounded out the field with a third-place time of 7:03.1.

Varsity Eight
Princeton 6:42.6
Radcliffe: 6:49.7
Bucknell 7:03.1 

Second Varsity Eight
Radcliffe 7:01.0
Princeton 7:13.7