Radcliffe Lightweight Second Varsity Tops Stanford

The Radcliffe second varsity distanced itself from Stanford over the last half of the race.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—The Radcliffe lightweight second varsity eight defeated Stanford, while the second-ranked Cardinal varsity defeated the No. 4 Black and White to take the Class of 2010 Invitational Cup Saturday morning on the Charles River.

Strong winds and whitecap waves forced the races, which came at the end of the morning racing session on the Charles, to be moved upstream to the Powerhouse stretch of the river approaching the Harvard campus and shortened to 1,500 meters. A brisk tailwind followed the crews over the first third of the makeshift course.

"I thought all the athletes adapted well to the conditions," said head coach Heather Cartwright. "It was challenging for everyone, and Stanford handled it with a little more composure. I was happy with how our team performed, too, but we have room for improvement."

The Radcliffe second varsity took the lead off the start and held a three-seat advantage through the first 600 meters. The Black and White moved away from the Cardinal as the race approached its midway point and pulled out to an open-water win in 4:55.0. Stanford crossed the finish line near Weeks Bridge nearly five seconds later in 4:59.8.

The varsity eights raced first, and Radcliffe (3-1) raced nearly evenly with the defending national champion Cardinal (1-0) for the first 500 meters. Stanford increased the margin over the final kilometer, finishing in 4:42.4. The Black and White was six seconds back in 4:48.4. Stanford's cup win was its second in the two-year history of the trophy.

Varsity Eight
Stanford 4:42.4
Radcliffe 4:48.4

Second Varsity Eight
Radcliffe 4:55.0
Stanford 4:59.8