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Harvard Radcliffe Heavyweights Take 13th Place at NCAA Championships

The Harvard-Radcliff heavyweights finished in 13th at the 2014 NCAA Championships. (Harvard Athletic Communications)

INDIANAPOLIS – Harvard-Radcliffe's heavyweight crew's top two boats, the varsity eight and second varsity eight, completed the 2014 NCAA Rowing Championships in their respective petite finals Sunday morning at Eagle Creek Park. The varsity eight finished fifth, for 11th overall, and the second varsity – which lost its skeg in a bout of misfortune at the start of the race – crossed the finish line in seventh to help the Black and White come in 13th place in team points with 62.

The varsity four also placed fifth in its C Finals to start the morning off for Radcliffe, earning six team points.

The 1V boat landed itself in the petite final on Sunday thanks to its showing in the repechage and the A/B semifinals on Friday and Saturday. Facing the likes of Princeton, Virginia, Notre Dame, Indiana and Southern California, the Black and White started and finished strong to take 11th overall. Back four seconds off a race-pacing Princeton through the first 500 meters, Radcliffe fell behind a bit further through 1000 meters, but picked up steam with a 1:45.487 split in the final 500 meters to hold off USC for fifth in 7:03.286.

Debris took off the skeg of the second varsity in the first 500m, shortly after leaving the breakage zone of their final race.  The cox and crew continued to race as best they could, handling the misadventure; but without steering, the shell veered out of their lanes several times as the crew worked hard to make it to the finish line.  The crew finished seventh in the race, for a 13th place overall finish in the regatta.

The varsity four held its own in the early going of its C Final, driving neck-and-neck with Washington State, a mere 1/10 of a second off the lead through 500 meters. But even after a speedy second 500, Radcliffe was unable to maintain the pace and eventually fell to fifth place in 7:48.064.

Ohio State repeated as national champions with 126 points after claiming both the varsity and second varsity races. California (118), which won the fours, and Radcliffe's Ivy League counterpart Brown (116) finished in second and third, respectively.


Place Team (Points) 1V Order 2V Order V4 Order
1 Ohio State (126)  Ohio State  Ohio State California
2  California (118) Brown  Princeton Stanford
3  Brown (116) California  Virginia Virginia
4  Stanford (110)  Washington Stanford Brown
5 Virginia (105)  Michigan  California Washington
6 Princeton (102) Stanford  Brown Southern California
7 Washington (101)  Princeton Michigan  Ohio State
8 Michigan (101)  Virginia UCLA  Michigan
9 Notre Dame (81)  Notre Dame Notre Dame Indiana
10   Southern California (72)   Indiana Washington  Wisconsin
11  Indiana (71) Harvard   Washington State   Princeton
12  UCLA (68)   Southern California     Southern California   Notre Dame
13 Harvard (62)  UCLA Harvard    Washington State  
14 Washington State (58) San Diego Indiana San Diego
15 San Diego (48)   Washington State   Louisville UCLA
16 Wiscondin (45) Louisville Wisconsin Louisville
17 Louisville (44) Wisconsin San Diego Harvard
18 Northeastern (27) Northeastern Oklahoma Oklahoma
19 Oklahoma (27) Oklahoma Northeastern Northeastern
20   Boston University (17)   Boston University   Boston University    UMass
21 UMass (13) UMass UMass Boston University
22 Jacksonville (6)    Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville