Radcliffe Heavyweight Second Varsity Defeats Yale; Bulldogs Take Case Cup

Scout Moran, Katie Wilcox and coxswain Greer Rosenbaum (left to right) helped the Radcliffe second varsity defeat the Bulldogs.

DERBY, Conn.—The Radcliffe heavyweight second varsity eight outdueled their Yale counterparts for the Black and White's lone win in the Case Cup regatta Saturday morning on the Housatonic River.

No. 15 Yale claimed the trophy with its varsity eight victory against No. 12 Radcliffe and also took the varsity fours and third varsity eight events.

The Radcliffe second varsity trailed in the early going but fought back to take the lead through the middle 1,000 meters. The Black and White held off a couple Yale surges going into the final 500 and then sprinted to a 1.3-second victory in 6:53.3.

"The second varsity had a really strong race," head coach Liz O'Leary said. "They went out with intensity, and had a good, tight race. Along with the varsity four A and the third varsity eight, we had three crews that went out and had really aggressive races."

Yale put on a strong performance to reclaim the Case Cup after Radcliffe won it last season. The Bulldogs posted a winning mark of 6:46.0 to Radcliffe's 6:53.7. The varsity four A event was a close race all the way to the end, with Yale coming out on top in 7:34.8. The Black and White was 1.3 seconds back in 7:36.1.

O'Leary credited the third varsity eight with one of its best races of the year, albeit in a losing effort against a Yale boat ranked second in the Ivy League. The Black and White completed the 2,000 meters in 7:14.8, finishing 5.8 seconds behind the Bulldogs. Yale's varsity four B finished ahead of Radcliffe's B and C entries. 

Varsity Eight
Yale 6:46.0
Radcliffe 6:53.7

Second Varsity Eight
Radcliffe 6:53.3
Yale 6:54.6

Varsity Four A
Yale 7:34.8
Radcliffe 7:36.1

Varsity Fours B/C
Yale 7:38.8
Radcliffe B 7:48.5
Radcliffe C 8:14.8

Third Varsity Eight
Yale 7:08.6
Radcliffe 7:14.8