Runner-Up Showing for Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew at Head of the Charles

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—The Radcliffe heavyweight championship eight finished second among 39 entries at the Head of the Charles Regatta Sunday, leading all Ivy League teams and highlighting a strong team performance at the world's largest two-day rowing event.

The Black and White also entered boats that placed 22nd in the championship eights race, eighth of 20 boats in the championship fours and 13th of 28 in Saturday's club eights.

"I thought all of our crews raced really, really well," head coach Liz O'Leary said. "It was an outstanding weekend and sets a great standard for the rest of our season."

It was all part of a strong overall weekend for Harvard and Radcliffe rowers. The Harvard heavyweights won the men's championship race, while the Black and White and Crimson lightweights placed third and second, respectively, in their top races.

In the single-file method of starting used in the regatta, the top Black and White was the 14th boat off the line but managed to overcome traffic ahead to finish the three-mile course in 16:19.63. The time was 8.11 seconds off the pace of race-winner Virginia, more than two seconds faster than third-place Michigan and more than four seconds better than fourth-place Yale.

The field included boats from each of the other Ivy League schools and eight of the 15 teams that joined Radcliffe at the NCAA Championships in the spring. Radcliffe rowed hard from the start, and coxswain Jill Carlson let them keep going at a high stroke rate while navigating the twists and turns of the river.

"We may have been going a little higher and harder than the other rowers in the boat were aware of," said Carlson. "Start to finish, we just had a really solid race, and I think that's hard to do, especially in a race as complex as the Head of the Charles."

Harvard/Radcliffe Results
Men's championship singles:  Nicholas Baker '07 – 11 of 30, 19:13.77
Men's championship singles:  Joe Medioli '08 – 28 of 30, 20:29.52
Women's championship singles: Olivia Coffey '11 – 13 of 25, 21:19.23
Women's senior-master eights: Radcliffe Association of Rowing Alumnae – 27th of 29, 21:05.9
Men's alumni eights: HVL+ Boat Club – 11th of 38, 16:22.6
Women's alumnae eights: Radcliffe Association of Rowing Alumnae – 17th of 30, 19:19.0
Men's club fours: Harvard lightweight crew – 3rd of 52, 17:17.7
Men's club eights: Harvard heavyweight crew B – 3rd of 39, 15:35.1
Men's club eights: Harvard lightweight crew – 18th of 39, 16:31.8
Men's club eights: Harvard heavyweight crew A – 22nd of 39, 16:45.1
Women's club eights: Radcliffe heavyweight crew – 13th of 28, 19:00.7
Women's master doubles: Texas Rowing Center/Cambridge Boat Club (Linda Muri and Lindsay Burns Barber '87) – 2nd of 19, 20:43.0
Men's championship doubles: USRowing Training Center – Oklahoma City (Austin Meyer and Andrew Campbell) – 2nd of 20, 16:42.9 

Women's lightweight singles: Lizzy Bates '11 – 12th of 23, 21:21.8
Men's championship fours: Harvard heavyweight crew – 4th of 17, 16:31.3
Men's championship fours: Harvard lightweight crew – 9th of 17, 16:51.3
Women's championship fours: Radcliffe heavyweight crew – 8th of 20, 19:05.1
Men's championship eights: Harvard heavyweight crew A – 1st of 34, 14:17.6
Men's championship eights: Harvard heavyweight crew B – 15th of 34, 14:57.3
Men's championship eights: Harvard heavyweight crew C – 21st of 34, 15:11.1
Men's championship eights: Riverside Boat Club (includes Daniel Kettler '07) – 25th of 34, 15:16.1
Women's championship eights: Radcliffe heavyweight crew A – 2nd of 39, 16:19.6
Women's championship eights: Radcliffe heavyweight crew B – 22nd of 39, 17:15.4
Men's lightweight fours: Harvard lightweight crew – 13th of 22, 18:13.3
Women's lightweight fours: Radcliffe lightweight crew – 9th of 14, 20:26.1
Men's lightweight eights: USRowing (including Will Newell '11) – 1st of 17, 14:27.7
Men's lightweight eights: Harvard lightweight crew A – 2nd of 17, 14:41.8
Men's lightweight eights: Harvard lightweight crew B – 13th of 17, 15:44.6
Women's lightweight eights: Radcliffe lightweight crew A – 3rd of 8, 17:17.1
Women's lightweight eights: Radcliffe lightweight crew B – 5th of 8, 18:41.2

Championship Eight A
Cox: Jill Carlson, 8: Michelle Pearson, 7: Lucy Grinalds, 6: Courtney Diekema, 5: Kelly Bauer, 4: Liz Soutter, 3: Mary Maginnis, 2: Scout Moran, 1: Kirsten Van Fossen

Championship Eight B
Cox: Greer Rosenbaum, 8: Meg Kehan, 7: Kristen Faulkner, 6: Mimi Tanski, 5: Christina McClintock, 4: Nina Kosaric, 3: Taylor Compton, 2: Nori Welles-Gertz, 1: Lizzy Fitzhenry

Championship Four
Cox: Jenny Wong, 4: Jessica Mealia, 3: Lize Flint, 2: Marisa D'Orsogna, 1: Deva Steketee

Club Eight
Cox: Jorie Sullivan, 8: Caitlin Fai, 7: Eliza MacLean, 6: Susannah Maybank, 5: Morgan Keefe, 4: Ellie Parker, 3: Katie Lix, 2: Maura Church, 1: Sidney Hilker

Radcliffe Alumnae Rowing Association Senior-Master Eight
Cox: Carol Sharp '81, 8: Susie Mahan '91, 7: Anne Benton '81, 6: Cynthia Hibbard '79, 5: Nelia Newell '79, 4: Heather McClure, 3: Allison Eydt '80, 2: Kathy Kirk '80, 1: Nicki Mauro '81.

Radcliffe Alumnae Rowing Association Alumnae Eight
Cox: Rachel Rauh '11, 8: Eleanor Conover '10, 7: Laura Huppert '10, 6: Jennie Peterson '10, 5: Ariel Taylor '10, 4: Gill Morris '08, 3: Alex Kuschner '10, 2: Rachel Orler Reid '07, 1: Medha Khandelwal '10