Radcliffe Heavyweight 2V8 Tops Cornell; Princeton Keeps Class of 1975 Cup

Radcliffe Heavyweight 2V8 Tops Cornell; Princeton Keeps Class of 1975 Cup

Pictured: The second varsity eight pulled away from Cornell and chased top-ranked Princeton.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—The Radcliffe heavyweight second varsity eight defeated Cornell to highlight the Class of 1975 Cup regatta for the Black and White Saturday morning on the Charles River.

No. 1 Princeton (6-0) kept the varsity trophy with a first-place showing, while No. 13 Cornell (3-1) edged No. 18 Radcliffe (1-3) by two seconds for second place in the fastest women's regatta of the day on the Charles. The Tigers won three of the four races that included all three teams.

Radcliffe finished second to Princeton in the second varsity event, defeating Cornell by 5.3 seconds in 7:04.5. The Black and White held just a slim edge on the Big Red after 500 meters, but the lead reached four seats by the time the boats reached the MIT quad and grew rapidly from there. The Tigers won in 6:55.4.

"I was really happy with the second varsity's performance" head coach Liz O'Leary said. "I thought they carried out their race plan well and accomplished what I hoped they would."

The Tigers pulled away in the first half of the varsity race and went on a 9.3-second win in 6:36.8. The Black and White and Big Red were involved in a tight race throughout, but Cornell moved a few seats ahead in the second 500 meters and held off Radcliffe at the end. The Black and White completed the 2,000-meter course in 6:48.1.

"There's no question we raced hard. We raced our race plan but came up a little short," said O'Leary, whose varsity faces Dartmouth, Minnesota, Syracuse, Louisville and Ohio State next weekend. "It was a fast race against good teams that we'll see again later. Now we have to look ahead and be ready for our only chance against some out-of-region competition next week." 

The Black and White placed third in its first two races of the morning. The varsity four posted a time of 8:10.3, while the third varsity eight finished in 7:35.8.

Varsity Eight
Princeton 6:36.8
Cornell 6:46.1
Radcliffe 6:48.1

Second Varsity Eight
Princeton 6:55.4
Radcliffe 7:04.5
Cornell 7:09.8

Varsity Four
Cornell 7:50.3
Princeton 7:51.4
Radcliffe 8:10.3

Third Varsity Eight
Princeton 7:24.9
Cornell 7:29.4
Radcliffe 7:35.8

Varsity Four B
Cornell 8:06.7
Princeton 8:37.4