Radcliffe Novices Show Their Stuff at Green Monster

HANOVER, N.H.—The Radcliffe heavyweight novice rowers placed second and the Black and White had the top-finishing lightweight crew in the Green Monster Regatta Saturday on the Connecticut River.

The regatta is a head race for novice rowers only, defined as those rowers who are in their first year of college rowing.

 “It’s a great regatta,” assistant varsity coach Cory Bosworth said.  “We have a lot of great walk-ons this year, and it allows them the chance – after learning how to row for the last two months – to jump in and learn what racing is all about.” 

The format of the regatta is to create two boats of “even speed”; and the winner is the team with the fastest overall combined time.

“Our goal for this regatta was first and foremost to get everyone a positive race experience,” said Bosworth. “In addition, we hoped to continue to build the bonds of our team, and to place in the top two teams overall.  So it was a very successful day for us.” 

The day was cold – around 40 degrees – but with very little wind.  A strong tail current created very fast conditions.  The Radcliffe A and B boats finished third and sixth in the 17-boat field.  The Radcliffe lightweights brought one boat, and they finished a very strong ninth overall, faster than the only other novice lightweight boat at the regatta, 17th-place MIT.   There was also a Radcliffe C entry, a combination of heavyweight and lightweight novices, which finished 16th.

The Radcliffe heavyweights trailed only host Dartmouth in the team standings, with Boston College placing third.

“While it would have been great to win some ice cream today,” Bosworth stated, in reference to ice cream prize that goes to the winning team, “I think the major goals we accomplished today will go a long way toward our success next week at the Foot of the Charles and toward the spring racing.”

Radcliffe will race the last race of the fall season, the Foot of the Charles, Saturday, Nov. 13.

1. Dartmouth A 15:16.2
2. Dartmouth B 15:24.0
3. Radcliffe A 15:25.5
4. Boston College A 15:36.7
5. Holy Cross A 15:40.5
6. Radcliffe B 15:43.1
7. Boston College B 15:50.7
8. MIT A 15:50.9
9. Radcliffe Lwt A 15:57.6
10. Boston College B 16:11.6
11. Vermont A 17:03.9
12. Massachusetts A 17:13.1
13. Massachusetts B 17:26.5
14. Holy Cross B 17:34.3
15. Vermont B 17:35.5
16. Radcliffe C 17:42.0
17. MIT Lwt A 17:48.1