Black and White Finishes Fall Strong at Foot of the Charles

Black and White Finishes Fall Strong at Foot of the Charles

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—The Radcliffe heavyweight crew placed third in the top varsity race, and the Radcliffe lightweights placed 15th with the top lightweight finish as both crews closed their fall seasons at the Foot of the Charles Saturday on the rainy, windy Charles River.

The Black and White heavyweights entered four boats in the varsity four, which served as the top race on a course changed due to the rough conditions. The Radcliffe heavyweight A four made it from the Riverside Boat Club to the Head of the Charles finish line in 14:06.6, barely a second behind runner-up Northeastern. Brown won the race.

The Radcliffe heavyweight C entry placed 10th to give the Black and White two boats in the top 10 of a race that featured 49 entries from 15 programs. Radcliffe heavyweight B finished 14th, one spot ahead of the top-finishing Black and White lightweights. Radcliffe’s top lightweight boat crossed the line in 14:45.9, 32 seconds faster than the fastest non-Radcliffe lightweight entry, 32nd-place MIT. Radcliffe lightweight B was 34th and Radcliffe heavyweight D finished 39th.

In the novice eight, Radcliffe placed two boats in the top five of a 27-entry race. The heavyweight A entry placed second in 13:44.7, while the lightweight A boat was fifth in 14:12.3. The Black and White’s runner-up entry was five seconds behind Brown’s winning boat, and the top Radcliffe lightweight boat was 2:37.6 ahead of the next group of novice lightweights. Radcliffe boats also placed ninth (Radcliffe heavyweight B), 11th (Radcliffe lightweight B) and 23rd (Radcliffe lightweight C).

The varsity eight was the third-varsity race. The Radcliffe heavyweight entry took fifth, and the Black and White lightweights were seventh among nine crews. Northeastern placed first.

Varsity Four
Radcliffe Heavweight A
Cox: Jill Carlson
4: Olivia Coffey
3: Laura Huppert
2: Carolyn Talley
1: Christine Baugh

Radcliffe Heavyweight B
Cox: Alyssa Murray
4: Tara Larson
3: Katie O'Hanlon
2: Jessica Flakne
1: Kate Morris

Radcliffe Heavyweight C
Cox: Rachel Rauh
4: Molly Tarrant
3: Liz Soutter
2: Kirsten Van Fossen
1: Michaela Pewarski

Radcliffe Heavyweight D
Cox: Amanda Deutsch
4: Eleanor Conover
3: Mary Miller
2: Meg Kehan
1: Lucy Chen

Radcliffe Lightweight A
Cox: Maryana Vrubel
4: Marissa Reichel
3: Natalie Wong
2: Lizzy Bates
1: Kelly McCarthy

Radcliffe Lightweight B
Cox: Jana Douglas
4: Grace Hollowell
3: Amanda Pfabe
2: Wynne Evans
1: Vicky Koski-Karell

Novice Eight
Radcliffe Heavyweight A
Cox: Andrea Rickey
8: Mary Maginnis
7: Rachel Knaster
6: Shelley Pearson
5: Marisa D'Orsogna
4: Celia Kohl
3: Laura Savarese
2: Margot Leger
1: Jessica Mealia

Radcliffe Heavyweight B
Cox: Natalie McBride
8: Scout Moran
7: Rebekah Meyer
6: Elizabeth Holly
5: Sophie Bearman
4: Anne Sawyier
3: Audrey Anderson
2: Alex Bradbury
1: Shauna Stewart

Radcliffe Lightweight A
Cox: Erin Flynn
8: Erika McCormick
7: Veronique Irwin
6: Charlotte Lane
5: Liz Hamilton
4: Emma Lukasiewicz
3: Julia Mason
2: Kathleen Goodwin
1: Juliana Stone

Radcliffe Lightweight B
Cox:Kyla Adler-McDonald
8: Lillian Alexander
7: Andrea Henricks
6: Linda Ling
5: Anna Mapes
4: Corinne Wee
3: Emiko Zumbro
2: Kathryn Stevens
1: Rina Perrault

Radcliffe Lightweight C
Cox: Victoria Benjamin
8: Jessica Nieto
7: Carolyn Stein
6: Anna Ondaatje
5: Amy Huang
4: Samantha Pickette
3: Sloan Zimmerman
2: Crystal Trejo
1: Gabrielle Tandet

Varsity Eight
Radcliffe Heavyweight
Cox: Amanda Deutsch
8: Eleanor Conover
7: Michaela Pewarski
6: Janie D'Ambrosia
5: Lucy Chen
4: Christina McClintock
3: Alex Kuschner
2: Molly Griffin
1: Elisabeth Mabus

Radcliffe Lightweight
Cox: Jorie Sullivan
8: Lauren Brown
7: Medha Khandelwal
6: Emily Walker
5: Laurel Gabard-Durman
4: Danielle Guillette
3: Rebecca Lorenzana
2: Kailan Sierra-Davidson
1: Ada Lio