Radcliffe Heavyweight Varsity Places Fifth at San Diego

Co-captain Christine Baugh and Radcliffe made the finals of both raced they entered (photo courtesy David Silverman).

Day 1 Recap

SAN DIEGO—The Radcliffe varsity eight took fifth place and the second varsity eight finished sixth in their respective San Diego Crew Classic finals Sunday on Mission Bay.

The No. 14 varsity finished in 6:53.33. The Black and White crossed the finish line nearly five seconds ahead of sixth-place Grand Valley, which had edged Radcliffe in Saturday’s heat. No. 3 Virginia topped the field by more than three seconds, followed by No. 10 Southern California, UCLA and No. 16 Washington State.

The second varsity eight posted a time of 6:59.54, 2.47 seconds behind fifth-place UCLA. The field was tightly packed, as the winning entry from Virginia finished less than 10 seconds ahead of Radcliffe and edged second-place USC by a quarter-second. Washington State placed third and the Virginia B boat was third.

The Black and White returns to the East Coast for its first dual racing of the spring Saturday at Brown.

Jessop-Whittier Cup (Varsity Eight)
Virginia 6:34.20
Southern California 6:37.48
UCLA 6:41.95
Washington State 6:44.06
Radcliffe 6:53.33
Grand Valley 6:58.20

Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy (Second Varsity Eight)
Virginia A 6:50.00
Southern California 6:50.25
Washington State 6:53.00
Virginia B 6:54.89
UCLA 6:57.07
Radcliffe 6:59.54

Radcliffe Lineups
Varsity Eight
Cox: Jill Carlson, 8: Chrlstine Baugh, 7: Olivia Coffey, 6: Laura Huppert, 5: Mary Maginnis, 4: Tara Larson, 3: Meg Kehan, 2: Jessica Flakne, 1: Kate Morris

Second Varsity Eight
Cox: Rachel Rauh, 8: Celia Kohl, 7: Michaela Pewarski, 6: Katie O'Hanlon, 5: Ariel Delgado, 4: Shelley Pearson, 3: Liz Soutter, 2: Molly Tarrant, 1: Rachel Knaster