No. 6 Men's Soccer Climbs Sandia Peak, Prepares for Game Against New Mexico

Photo from Sandia Peak courtesy of Robert Millock.

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New Mexico Trip

Day 3: Saturday

            Today our coaches graciously let us sleep in for an extra hour before having breakfast at 9. We then had a vigorous morning workout planned. Pool session! However, due to the chemical imbalance of our indoor pool we had to go across the street and use another outdoor pool for our workout. We were a few players short due but had a sufficient amount to complete our relay races and ab exercises.

            Our coach gave us a few hours after lunch to rest up and get healthy for our game tomorrow. While some stayed in and relaxed others went up to the local tourist attraction, a cable car to the top of Sandia Peak.

            Some players dealt better than others with the cable car ride to the top of the 10,300 foot peak (Rob and Rich are both scared of heights).  When our guide casually mentioned that we were suspended in the air over 1,000 feet from the ground and it would take about 9 seconds to hit the ground if we were to fall, more than a few guys questioned the decision to go on the trip.  However, the views were rewarding as we could see hundreds of miles in the distance even into Arizona. 

            We all met back together at the hotel and did some film from our game yesterday. There are some similarities between the style of play between both UC Santa Barbara and the University of New Mexico and we worked on trying to fix our mistakes. After a productive video session we went back to UNM and had a short but efficient practice.  Compared to Thursday's practice, everyone was in tune and overly focused as we were still upset from our loss. The whole team seems to be on the same page and ready to finish off the tournament on a high note.

            After practice we had a combined dinner with all the players and the parents at a local Italian restaurant. Thank you for all the relatives and family members that came all the way to support us this weekend. Today was also the birthday of another one of our teammates as James Pelletier also received some birthday dessert with song. Hopefully we can leave New Mexico with a present for us all.

-Chi, Wolfy, and Rob