Chi, Wolfenzon Blog Experience in New Mexico

Sophomore Zack Wolfenzon (photo courtesy of David Silverman)

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New Mexico Trip

Day 2: Friday

Game day. Even though kickoff against UC Santa Barbara wasn't until 4:30 p.m. at the University of New Mexico, our whole day was devoted to this game. Typical hotel breakfast with scrambled eggs, hash browns and cereal started us off as we got our day going at 8:00 .m. After breakfast we had a team meeting to watch some video and go over the scouting report on Santa Barbara.

We headed out to the field to move around a little bit, kick the ball around and just get a feel for the field we would be playing on. After a long Thursday, we were all excited to get to the game. We walked around the stadium for about an hour, got a light jog in and then hopped back in the vans to head for some lunch.

We showed up at an Italian restaurant all ready to eat, only to be notified that one of our coaches (we won't name names) accidentally made the reservation for Saturday afternoon. Luckily the restaurant manager was accommodating (a.k.a. he wasn't too busy this Friday afternoon) and was happy to seat all 23 of us. A couple of Chicken Parms and Fettucini Alfredos later, it was back to the hotel and time for the game.

Meeting in the lobby pre-game we were all ready to go. Today was also captain Jaren LaGreca's birthday so we were all hoping to get him a good birthday present this afternoon. We arrived at the stadium a little over an hour before gametime and it was straight business from there. It was a scorcher, 95 degrees at kickoff and the altitude definitely had a negative effect on some. We had our pregame talks, Coach Junot gave us the lineup and we were ready to go.

Talking about a loss is never fun, so I'll just leave it at that. Both goals came in the last minutes of each half which was somewhat demoralizing, but we ended up losing 2-0. The game was a story of two different halves with UC Santa Barbara having most possession and more shots in the first half and we had the better of them the second half. The only different was we couldn't put one away while they sealed the game when we were forced to chase. It was a tough one to swallow, our first loss of this new season, but we are all set on bouncing back Sunday against UNM. There is no way we're leaving this tournament without a win. Tomorrow we'll go wander about Coach Mike Grayczyk's hometown of Albuquerque and get a light training session in preparation for Sunday's game against the Lobos. Goodnight for now and hopefully we will have some