Harvard Awards

William J. Bingham '16 Award
First awarded in 1954, this award is given annually to that male member of the graduating class of Harvard College who, through integrity, courage, leadership, and ability on the athletic fields, has best served the high purpose of Harvard as exemplified by the late William J. Bingham '16, former Director of Athletics.
1995 Kwame C. van Leeuwen '95
2007 Timothy H. Hagamen '07
Francis H. Burr '09 Scholarship
First awarded in 1918, this award is a scholarship fund established in memory of Francis H. Burr by his friends. It is awarded to a senior "who combine,s as nearly as possible, Burr's remarkable qualities of character, leadership, scholarship, and athletic ability."
1972 Geza Tatrallyay '72
Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Fame
Burke Boyce '22
Edward L. Lane '24
Everett H. Lane '24
John G. Hurd '34
Webster F. Williams, Jr. '35
Joseph S. Vera '50
Eric T. Sollee '52
Lawrence G. Cetrulo '71
Thomas C. Keller '71
James O'Neill '88
Gregory Chang '96
Oscar Kolombatovich Trophy
The Kolombatovich Trophy is given annually to the most outstanding Harvard fencer. The award was established by Oscar Kolombatovich, a New York City fencing teacher and father of Richard G. Kolombatovich '66, in 1965.
1964-65 Charles D. Dooley '65
1965-66 Richard G. Kolombatovich '66
1966-67 Thomas A. Musliner '67
1967-68 Harry E. Jergesen '68
1968-69 Lawrence G. Cetrulo '71
  Thomas O. Keller '71
1987-88 Paul Pottinger '90
1989-90 Peter Einaudi '91
1996-97 Lee Scheffler '98
George Breed Award
The George Breed Award is given to the fencer who has contributed the most for the team.
1996-97 Greg Chang '97
1996-97 Kevin Scott '97
1996-97 Lee Scheffler '98
Professor Richard N. Frye Award
The Professor Richard N. Frye Award goes to the best epee fencer on the Crimson.
1996-97 Michael Gattnar '98