No. 4 Lightweight Crew Takes Home Sixth-Straight Haines Cup

The Crimson will be back in action again tomorrow vs. Georgetown in Princeton, N.J.  

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – No. 4 Harvard lightweight crew retained the Haines Cup for the sixth-straight season, as the varsity eight edged Navy by nearly a boat length Saturday morning on the Severn River.

The Crimson took four of the five races on the day, none closer than the V8. Harvard, led by stroke Alexander Bonorris and coxswain Shane Bouchard, clocked a time of 6:05.3 to finish just ahead of Navy (6:08.0) in the first race of the day.

The 2V also won in a close battle, crossing in 6:02.67. The Crimson won by open water as the Mids finished with a time of 6:07.5.

Harvard completed the varsity sweep with a win in the 3V race. Winning by open water, Harvard registered a time of 6:15.70, capitalizing on a strong start as Navy crossed in 6:24.51.

The first freshman boat also registered a win with a solid time of 6:10.00. The Crimson clocked a speed over 13 seconds faster than the Midshipmen, who finished in 6:23.24.

The Crimson will be back in action tomorrow at Princeton, taking on Georgetown.

First Varsity
Harvard – 6:05.3
Navy – 6:08.0 

Second Varsity
Harvard – 6:02.67
Navy – 6:07.05 

Third Varsity
Harvard – 6:15.70
Navy – 6:24.51

First Freshman
Harvard – 6:10.00
Navy – 6:23.24

Second Freshman
Navy – 6:26.63
Harvard – 6:33.28 

First Varsity
Bow: Lucas Farewell; 2: Nico Astrup Wiik; 3: Jack Kelly; 4: Thomas Marshall; 5: Alexander Newell; 6: Samuel Frum; 7: Andrew Campbell; Stroke: Alexander Bonorris; Coxswain: Shane Bouchard 

Second Varsity
Bow: Edward McKlveen; 2: Mitchel Cole; 3: Connor Mangan; 4: Ian Klein; 5: James Groeneveld; 6: Robert Hawthorne; 7: Christopher Magnani; Stroke: Eli Leavitt; Coxswain: Chris Xu 

Third Varsity
Bow: Lev Ratnofsky; 2: Ross Svenson; 3: Christopher McKenna; 4: Nelson Arnous; 5: Cameron Heron; 6: Matthew Pawlowski; 7: Stefan Skalbania; Stroke: Nicholas Phillips; Coxswain: Alex Spencer 

First Freshman
Bow: Mark Steinbrick; 2: Patrick Anderson; 3: Christopher Wales; 4: Kalvis Hornburg; 5: Ian Meyer; 6: Thomas Gill; 7: Matthew Podlesak; Stroke: Emanuel Ritschard; Coxswain: James Dreben 

Second Freshman
Bow: Alexander Keane; 2: Timothy King; 3: Michael Kikukawa; 4: Samir Durrani; 5: Michael Savarese; 6: Michael Casciotti; 7: Johann Colloredo-Mansfeld; Stroke: Eric Rodrigo; Coxswain: Brett Biebelberg