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Boston Globe: Collier Winters Under Radar

-Courtesy, Julain Benbow, Boston Globe

The Boston Globe's Julian Benbow recently sat down with Harvard quarterback Collier Winters in advance of the Crimson's opening game tomorrow at Holy Cross.

BOSTON, Mass. - Starting with the headliners, the names at the 2011 Manning Passing Academy were high-wattage.

The four-time MVP and Super Bowl MVP Manning (Peyton), the Super Bowl champion Manning (Eli), the oil trading Manning (Cooper), and papa Manning (Archie) were the hosts at Nicholls State University in Louisiana. Then there were the college quarterbacks doubling as camp counselors for the weekend, practically a Heisman Trophy watch roll call. Stanford’s Andrew Luck, Oklahoma’s Landry Jones, Boise State’s Kellen Moore, Florida State’s E.J. Manuel.

“If there was a school with a big-name quarterback,’’ Collier Winters said, “he was there.’’

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