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ESPN Blog: Ehrlich Gunning For Hayes In Valencia-Barcelona Championship Game

Editor's note: Carl Ehrlich, who was the captain of the 2009 Harvard football team, is in Spain to play football as a linebacker for the Valencia Firebats. He's chronicling his experiences on and off the field for ESPNBoston.com. You can find all of his previous entries here.

All anyone wants to talk about is the finals. It's as though there's nothing else going on in sports.

Knowing my expertise, my sports-junkie friends ask me a million questions. What are the key matchups? Is the rivalry what it used to be? Can the offense get the ball inside? Will the defense be man or zone?

But beyond the specifics, what people really want to know is my opinion. Who do I think is going to win?

That's easy -- I'm taking Valencia.

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