ESPNBoston: International Incident For Ehrlich

Editor's note: Carl Ehrlich, who was the captain of the 2009 Harvard football team, is in Spain to play football. He'll chronicle his experiences on and off the field for Today we learn about his first game with the Valencia Firebats.

Que es expulsado? Que es expulsado?!

With three minutes left and the Badalona Dracs driving to cut the Firebats' 14-0 lead, play has been completely stopped and every person in the stadium (all 200 of them) is yelling at me. I have no idea what they're saying.

Estas expulsado! Estas expulsado!

The referees are yelling this angrily, the opposing team is yelling it mockingly and my own teammates are yelling it as if the language barrier can be broken with volume alone. Everyone in the stadium is staring at me and waiting for a reaction.

I, meanwhile, am waiting for an interpreter.

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