Tim Murphy Quotes From Ivy Football Teleconference

Tim Murphy Quotes From Ivy Football Teleconference

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Tim Murphy, the Thomas Stephenson Family Head Coach for Harvard Football, recently took part in the Ivy League's weekly teleconference. Below are his quotes from the event.

Additionally, coach Murphy will give more insight into his Crimson as he takes part in the weekly New England Football Writers' Association Luncheon Wednesday afternoon at Harvard's Dillon Field House.

The event - the nation's oldest weekly football media gathering, now entering its 81st season - begins at noon and features head coaches, players and administrators from around the region from all levels of NCAA competition. For the first time, this year's event will be streamed live via the web on GoCrimson.com.

Fans can login to Harvard's Multimedia section of the website to watch the streams. Recaps of the event will be posted in the afternoon and will be sent to media and area schools as well. Local fans can do even better as the event is open to the public for a fee of $10 per person.

Each school's coach/administrator will speak briefly about his team's last game, a preview up the upcoming games and an assessment of his team's top players. Additionally, the weekly Gold Helmet Award is given to the preceding week's top players. The award is sponsored by the Gridiron Club of Greater Boston and the weekly winners - one from Divisions I and one from Divisions II/III - are presented with a plaque.

Tim Murphy Quotes from the weekly Ivy League Teleconference
Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Harvard Head Coach Tim Murphy opening statement:
We had a very solid win over a much improved and spirited Dartmouth team last weekend. We were a much more veteran team than they were with a lot more upperclassmen and veteran players ... but I was pleased in general with our execution. We did what we needed to do to win.

As far as Columbia is concerned, Columbia is a very good football team. They have been in every game and are very well-coached. They are a dangerous team and our kids really respect the personnel they have and how hard they play every week.

On Featuring Three Impressive Running Backs:
We're very fortunate in that area to have three great kids. Most coaches contend that they can never have enough depth at that position and we're no different ... we've had games where each guy has been dinged up. We just try to keep them fresh and its obviously been a good situation for us thus far.

On Pointing To Harvard's Most "Unsung" Player:
It would probably be out tight end Nicolai Schwarzkopf. For one, he is indispensible because he is a very versatile player. He is a very good blocker and an excellent receiver but (he's) not the first guy that comes to mind (when you think of our offensive weapons). He's had an outstanding junior season.

On Harvard Allowing Just 55 Yards Per Game Rushing On Defense But Changing Focus With Upcoming Games Against Running Quarterbacks At Columbia and Penn:
There is no question it does change our philosophy on defense. We did a good job last week against Dartmouth they were never able to get traction. Against running quarterbacks, you have to play more assignment football, you've got to be very conscious on each play with which player has the pitch, the play action, and the QB. Columbia has a couple of outstanding runners. M.A. Olawale is the Ivy League equivalent of Time Tebow so you have to be assignment-oriented. We know they can throw the ball but we've got to stop the run.

On Harvard's Special Teams and Ball Security:
First of all, ball security is by far our biggest emphasis. We don't talk about anything else on offense. I think Collier Winters has done a good job in managing the game with that in his first season. Special teams has been a concern. Like most teams in our league, we put some of our best players on those units. We expect to excel on special teams teams but it's something we definitely have to tighten up to get where we want to be.