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Mission Statement
We support the ongoing education of Varsity and Junior Varsity Student Athletes through the Harvard University Athletics Department Mission with a commitment to the student athlete’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The First Athletic Trainer

The Sports Medicine Department is dedicated towards providing a safe, effective, high quality health care system for the student athlete with a focus on accurate diagnosis and treatment grounded in evidence based foundations. This is achieved through the Athletic Training staff’s and physicians’ accessibility, appropriate referral, restoration and improvement of health and well-being, enhancement of student-athlete performance, and the implementation of collaborative preventative measures.

It is also a priority of the Sports Medicine Department and the Harvard Athletics Department for the Sports Medicine Department to provide opportunities for professional growth in the fields of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine through education and research. We strive to provide an excellent clinical education environment for our athletic training students, physical therapy students, orthopedic fellows, and internal medicine medical students through a commitment to their respective university affiliations and our role as preceptors. This instruction is integrated into our daily operation and delivery of care allowing us, as a department, to offer additional allied health services and increased care to our student-athletes.

As a department we feel a responsibility in leadership within the Boston community by providing educational opportunities to our fellow medical professionals within our area. We offer sports medicine related educational programs throughout the year to facilitate professional growth, conversation, and discussion to stay current with the continually evolving field of sports medicine in an effort to provide the highest quality of care to our student-athletes.

Our department embraces the significance of research and its implications towards the health and safety of student-athletes. It is a priority of our staff to be involved in research with leading investigators around the country in various sports medicine topics.

Therapy Approach
We offer a multidisciplinary approach based on practice of medicine which includes functional rehabilitation, various manual therapy specialties and performance enhancement.

Dr. Arthur Boland, Team Physician Emeritus
Dr. Aaron L. Baggish, Team Physician Cardiologist
Dr. Frank Wang, Head Team Physician
Dr. Mark Steiner '72, Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Lars Richardson '91, Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. TJ Hagan, Team Chiropractor
Brant Berkstresser, Associate Director of Athletics - Head Athletic Trainer
Gary Geissler, Clinical Director of Rehabilitation
Meg Schrier, Sports Dietitian
Jenna Stark, Clinical Social Worker
Craig Fafara Athletic Trainer
Megan Finn Athletic Trainer
Yumi Kuscher Athletic Trainer
Corey Lanois Athletic Trainer
Niki Rybko Athletic Trainer
Diana Priestman Athletic Traner
Andrei Tarsici Athletic Trainer
Matt Whalen Athletic Trainer
Jordan Knight Athletic Trainer 
Katelyn Kinney Athletic Trainer